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Philly Steak



The Fromajio brand has evolved from almost 25 years of hard work and dedication, in multiple food brands and organisations, throughout 5 different countries and cultures worldwide. The ideology behind the Fromajio brand, is to prepare all food products, in house, by ourselves, prepared with the finest ingredients, sourced locally, nationwide and internationally, in order to deliver the best results, period.

Our strategy is simple, straight forward, and very effective. We only use 100% Premium Free Range Angus Beef in our products, as a strict rule. On top of this, the meat is then cured for 28 days, before it arrives in our kitchens for cooking. Our finest cured meat, has a set proportioned element of natural fat that caramalises when cooking and leaves you with a succulent and juicy product. This technique is also used by many Michelin starred restaurants worldwide, and is highly effective in delivering a grand product.

Fromajio’s Bread, whether it’s a sub for a philly cheesesteak or a fresh bun for a juicy burger, is prepared fresh daily, without preservatives, using only freshly sourced ingredients, individually weighed and sorted, then baked. The result is a high quality bread, worthy of our Free Range Beef, and Chicken, topped with custom trimmings and tailored to suit our clientel.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity you can really get your teeth into, then a Fromajio franchise could be right way forward for you.

Our pricing strategy within our business model is to have most items under the £10 mark, in order to be appealing to the wider market, all with plain, mild, medium spiced and hot products available, together with takeaway, collection and dining inn facilities to cater for all.

Philly Steaks

On the menu


Comprehensive franchise package

Tried and tested business model

License to use our exciting Fromajio Brand

Turnkey package of equipment, core food lines and consumables

Growth market with good profit potential

Long-term management support

Serious investment opportunity


Philly Steak

Are you ready to take a bite?

To run a franchise with Fromajio, you need to be entrepreneurial and commercially minded.

Maybe you’re already working in the Food and Beverage sector and want to take the next step and launch something of your own?

Or, perhaps you already have a portfolio of food outlets and want to add something new?

Alternatively, you might just love a good burger as much as we do and are looking for a fantastic investment opportunity. In which case the profit and growth potential of working with Fromajio will leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth.

Our comprehensive franchise package offers all the support and training you need to run a successful gourmet foods restaurant, provided you bring the drive and determination needed to really make it a success.

How it all stacks up

Taking on a franchise is a serious investment, but we’re a fun bunch and want to help you get excited about the possibilities of working with Fromajio. The franchising process gives you the time and opportunity to find out what we’re all about and ask as many questions as you need to make a decision. It goes like this…

1. If you think this franchise opportunity might be the one for you, the first step is to register your interest by completing the contact form on this website.

2. After you have registered your interest, we’ll send you our Franchise Opportunity Information Pack giving more details. Then we’ll have an initial phone conversation to see if this sounds like the right concept for you.

3. If it feels like there is a good fit between your aims and what our franchise opportunity has to offer, then we’ll arrange to meet. This will be a chance to see our operation in action, understand the business in more detail and meet our friendly team.

4. Having had time to consider the opportunity further, we’ll arrange a second meeting to discuss the potential of your area and, if both parties agree, then secure the territory with a deposit. You will get guidance on creating a business plan and we’ll give you a Franchise Agreement to review.

5. Decision time! At this meeting, we’ll review your business plan and go over any outstanding queries. If the business plan is approved, you have funding in place and want to go ahead and make the commitment to your franchise, we’ll then sign the Franchise Agreement and take full payment of your franchise fees. Welcome to the team!

6. Once you have signed up, we’ll give you all the support and training you need to fully understand and operate a store, comfortably. Prior to completion, a launch date will be set, and on completion our management team along with our head chefs will be on site with you at the Grand opening of your Fromajio store.

7. Our support team will be in constant communication with the new store, ironing out any niggles that may arise, in order to make it a hassle free operation.

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Let’s Talk

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Getting Started



Why franchise with us...

The Food Business Is Booming



We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved with Fromajio in just a short amount of time. Our brand is fresh, funky and full of flavour. It’s exactly what we felt was missing from our local area and taps into a growing demand for quality, casual dining at our sites or at home.


The time is right to invest in the food sector. It’s growing quickly and offers plenty of potential for a good return on investment over the coming years. People love a really delicious, freshly made, tasty product and we deliver on that, every time!


By franchising with Fromajio, you can reap the rewards of this fun and exciting business and bring a new flavour to your town. We have ambitious growth plans and will support you every step of the way. You’ll receive all of the training, systems and structure you need to make it work.

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